Welcome to Field & Sky. I'm Amber - a designer and illustrator living in East Tennessee. In my work I like to use layers – whether that is through subtle texture, old papers, paint, pencil and pen, digitally, or a combination of all of the above — to make something new and interesting.

I hope to merge a bit of the past with the present in my designs, and often times reference nature. I like to think that the designs for Field and Sky embrace a combination of both the solid and grounded (field), and a bit of the ethereal (sky).

About Page Illustration


Do you do custom designs or commissions?

Yes! I take on a select number of commissions based on my schedule and the scope of the project. To inquire, please contact me.

Can you design a logo for me?

Although I have experience designing logos, I'm not currently focusing on graphic design. However, feel free to contact me regarding any inquiries.